American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month – November 2021

INCLUSIONADO CELEBRATES: American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month November 2021 Indigenous people are known to have been in this country for 35,000 years. At one time, some scholars say, there were more than 100 million indigenous people living in what is now called the United States who had extensive trade with other tribes throughout … Read more

InclusioNado Statement 6.21.21

We stand with the students who were emotionally or physically harmed by this act of premeditated racism. The lack of respect shown at the basketball game on Saturday, June 19th. This event shows the continued work that needs to be done in the Coronado community. Community members and Board Trustees have shown their opposition to … Read more

Happy Birthday to Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space

Sally Kristen Ride, (born May 26, 1951, Encino, California, U.S.—died July 23, 2012, La Jolla, California), American astronaut, the first American woman to travel into outer space. On June 18, 1983, she became the first American woman in space while rocketing into orbit aboard the shuttle orbiter Challenger. Dr. Sally Ride was passionate about improving science education and … Read more

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month!

Just a reminder that there’s one more week of the celebration-filled Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month!  The term Asian-Pacific encompasses all of the Asian continent and the Pacific islands of Melanesia (New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, and the Solomon Islands), Micronesia (Marianas, Guam, Wake Island, Palau, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Nauru, and … Read more

Discipline Action Guide Response

Create Diversity Our initiative is to build a school community where anti-racism thrives, black lives matter, and racial and ethnic diversity is embraced. By The Steering Committe This summer we learned from Black alumni and students that racial harassment occurs in the Coronado schools. Parents, students, teachers, and coaches spoke out and demanded that the … Read more

Systematic Racism is Real

It wasn’t too long ago that a lot of people were talking about a post-racial AmericaOpens a new window. We had elected a Black president for the first time, and then went ahead and re-elected him four years later, and the country was feeling pretty good about itself. While Barack Obama’s presidency was indeed a profound … Read more