We are here to be part of the bridge that leads to healing.

“Escondido” is a Spanish word meaning “hidden,” yet for InclusioNado, Escondido not hidden, to us you are very visible, and the disrespect to your community has been very visible. Therefore, InclusioNado and its supporters, are here to say it loud and clear to the Escondido community:

We are deeply sorry for the disparaging remarks and tortilla-throwing to the Orange Glen High School basketball players.

We are deeply sorry for the lack of cultural sensitivity towards the Latino community in Escondido and around the world.

Escondido, we are deeply sorry for the disrespect shown.

Please forgive us.

We see you; we hear you; we stand by you, Escondido, we would like to embrace the opportunity to build a bridge of respect between Coronado and Escondido.


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We demand CUSD protect all students, including BIPOC, LGBTQ and children with disabilities from racial harassment. Next meeting 6/17/2021.

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Empowering students at Coronado Unified School District and engaging the community to make CUSD a safe place for all students.


As a community initiative, InclusioNado is run by volunteers and donations.  Coronado community members have donated their talents as volunteers and cash donations for our modest budget. 


We are an organization made up of parents, students, alumni, and concerned community members here to help navigate through the endless source of information about race and social injustice out there.

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We recognized that our school libraries had an incomplete collection of books featuring characters of color, authors of color, and stories of diversity. In response, we coordinated a Diversity Book Drive.

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Stronger Together! Thank you to everyone that joined us for the Silent Peaceful Walk Sunday, June 13th, 2021.