Happy Birthday to Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space

Sally Kristen Ride, (born May 26, 1951, Encino, California, U.S.—died July 23, 2012, La Jolla, California), American astronaut, the first American woman to travel into outer space.

On June 18, 1983, she became the first American woman in space while rocketing into orbit aboard the shuttle orbiter Challenger.

Dr. Sally Ride was passionate about improving science education and helping young women and girls foster an interest in science. One of her endeavors was Imaginary Lines, which supports girls interested in math, science, and technology.

Throughout her life, Dr. Ride broke barriers and worked to ensure that girls and women were encouraged to do the same.

Not only is Ride the first American woman in space, she is also the first acknowledged gay astronaut. 

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